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  • Pregnancy bleeding-what does bleeding during pregnancy indicate?

    If you are pregnant then you understand that bleeding during pregnancy is a condition that you would rather do without; it is in fact one of the worst nightmares that an expectant mother can experience. Bleeding is not a thing to ignore even though it may not indicate a mis..

  • Pregnancy guide 101-A synopsis for the expectant mother, all you need to know

    Amazingly, just like no two people have the exact same thumbprints, no two women the world over experience the exact same sets of symptoms. This phenomenon makes pregnancy a very special thing indeed. Nevertheless, there are certain highlights that are generally present whe..

  • Ectopic pregnancy

    What is an Ectopic Pregnancy?

    An ectopic pregnancy occurs when a fertilized egg implants itself outside of the uterus. The most common place for implantation to occur in an ectopic pregnancy is in t..

  • How early can you have symptom of pregnancy?

    Experiences and opinions on how early can you have symptom of pregnancy have been diverse. Though, most of the symptoms arrive with a missed period or within one or two weeks of it, however, for some it happens the reverse. It is not rare when some pregnant women have ..

  • A complete guide to pregnancy diet

    Pregnancy diet should be the topmost priority for a pregnant woman. It's what you eat that makes the fetus healthy. If you're malnourished, your baby cannot be healthy. Therefore, a diet rich in carbohydrates, pregnancy after 40 has increased risk for both the mother and the baby. In fact, getting pregnant after the age of 35 does carry the increased chances of deve..

  • Piles in pregnancy

    Suffering from piles in pregnancy is one of the many uncomfortable symptoms that women can experience. Some woman, have the unfortunate and painful experience of developing piles during this time. Piles are a condition in which the main vessels in the rectal region become s..

  • Abdominal pain in pregnancy

    Occasional abdominal discomfort is a common issue during pregnancy. When you are pregnant, you might sometimes encounter abdominal pain. Some women even think that abdominal pain is a pregnancy sign. Though it is not absolutely correct, yet abdominal pain might occur as a

  • How to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy- Three healthy pregnancy tips

    If you knew the secrets of how to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy, how good would you feel? Your body will undergo many changes during your pregnancy, but many of those changes will disappear soon after your baby is born. Stretch marks are one change that won't ..

  • Symptoms of early IVF pregnancy-Signs of an in vitro pregnancy

    Most of the women under in vitro pregnancy feel puzzled what would be their symptoms of early IVF pregnancy. Women, who do not conceive naturally, can conceive unnaturally through in vitro process. Therefore, they often feel whether IVF p..

  • Cramp-Early pregnancy symptom

    Cramp, early pregnancy symptom indicates that the embryo has been implanted in your uterus. This occurs in the initial stages of pregnancy.

    Why Does This Happen?

  • Healthy pregnancy: Pilates helps expecting mothers from pregnancy thru post partum

    Most people think of Pilates as a new form of exercise because of its recent surge of popularity in the fitness and healthcare industry. In reality, Joseph Pilates invented about 80 years ago by.

    Pilates was a sickly child with asthma. To help fight his illness and b..

  • Understanding silent reflux in babies

    Unfortunately, some babies suffer from acid reflux. Some babies have very visible signs of the condition, but other babies have silent reflux symptoms. Most babies that suffer from acid reflux will spit up or vomit very frequently after feedings. When this happens, the baby..

  • Best toys for your baby

    Babies learn best by doing themselves, so it’s important as a parent to provide them with the proper tools to do this. A parent can do this by buying the right toys for their child to help them develop. In this time in their life, a baby is growing faster then they ever ..

  • Why does my baby burp, spit up and hiccup?

    Infants tend to get very uncomfortable when they swallow air during feedings. Although this is more common amongst bottle-fed babies, it can occur too, while a baby is breastfed. When you notice that your baby is fussy during a feeding, you should stop for a while, to let hi..

  • Benefits of swaddling your baby

    For some parents swaddling can seem like an old fashioned practice, however the reason it’s old fashioned is because it has worked for so many years. Swaddling your baby can help them sleep bet..

  • Breast pumps- What you must know before buying

    Breast pumps can be a great benefit for nursing mothers. They can give you the freedom to return to work, ensuring your little one is well nourished, they can allow dad to take pleasure in the bonding

  • What can a parent do to prevent decay in baby teeth?

    Preventing tooth decay in baby teeth is crucial to ensure your child has a healthy smile for many years. Some parents wonder if preventing decay in baby teeth should be a major concern. If the baby teeth will be falling out eventually, is it really that important to protect..

  • The Benefits of teaching your baby sign language

    One of the most frequently asked questions I receive is “why should I teach my baby sign language when he/she is not deaf?”

    Well that is a good question. Even if your child is not deaf, there is scientific research that has been done to show the ..

  • Premature babies and their needs

    Premature babies are defined as babies who are born before their due date and have low birth weights. About 11% of all babies born are considered to be premature. Thanks to modern medicine, babies born after the 28th week and weighing at least 2lbs.3 oz. have a 95% survival..

  • How important is children's dentistry?

    Establishing a children s dentistry plan for your children when they are young is critical. Your children s primary, first set of teeth, are extremely important for their proper development. Optimal dental ..

  • When to start potty training girls: Age versus physical and mental readiness

    So your little girl in now ready for potty training. This is an exciting and scary phase for most parents. You may feel ill equipped to teach your little girl h..

  • Develop early number sense in children

    Developing number sense in children can help them excel in Maths

    Why Maths is Important for Children?

    How do you respond when your child asks you why he needs to learn maths. Do you have a positive way to explain or is your approach negative?


  • Children toys- Purposeful play toys for children

    When contemplating children toys, knowing the purpose for the object will make an appropriate selection easier. Is the article intended to promote the child’s knowledge or spark creativity? It may be that the plaything’s purpose is to engage the emotions or to s..

  • When children just won't eat

    Pleasing children is anything but easy! Any parent can attest to that. Children seem to prefer everything that is not good for them. Food affects the way children grow, so it is important to give them a balanced diet. This does not mean every meal has to be balanced, just t..

  • Disrespectful children-Effective solutions

    In this article about disrespectful children, we'll go over the reasons why some children are disrespectful with their parents and siblings and I'll give you ways to end this disrespect.

    At the bottom of this article, we'll see what to do when disrespect..

  • Can children be spoilt with too much love?

    From the moment babies are born, parents often receive warnings from well-intended friends and family members not to carry their babies too often, and not to give in to their crying. From the moment they are born, parents are warned to start training their babies to be &quo..

  • 10 tips to help you raise a reader

    If you’re keen for your child to do well at school, making sure they become a capable and confident reader is one of the most important things you can do for him.

    It’s also one of the easiest and most enjoyable things you can do and, you’ll be ..

  • So you have a picky eater!

    If you have a picky eater, mealtime can make you feel like you want to pull your hair out. It is very frustrating for parents to watch their child only fiddle with their food at dinner or not even touch it, claiming they "don't like it." Then what happens? Th..

  • Books for early vocabulary success in children

    Books for children should be selected wisely. It is often said-"Books are our best friends". The true value of books must be taught to children at an early age so that it develops into a habit later. Books for ch..

  • Building confidence in children

    Building Confidence Is A Gift

    It never ceases to amaze me how so many adults don't look at the task of raising their children as a gift. You have the ability to affect the world for generations to come either in a positive or negative way. It isn't simpl..

  • Four ways to lead children through good examples

    Parenting is the most important leadership role the average person will take in their lifetime, but how many parents take it seriously? Many parents in modern-day America see themselves as playing more of a caretaker role than a leadership role, but being a great mother or ..

  • Dealing with parental stress

    One of the biggest problems with having children is the remarkable fact that they tend to be the source of parental stress. This is, obviously, the unique stress that comes from being a parent and having to worry about the fact that your kids are growing up, learning new th..

  • Changing your child's behaviour with positive reinforcement

    Think about your interactions with your children today. How many things did you notice they did wrong? What did you do or say to them because of their wrong doings? Have they engaged in the same kind of behavior before? What did you do or say the times before? Is it working..

  • How to help older children adapt to a new baby in the family

    It is well known that the introduction of a new baby into a family is life altering. This is particularly true for older children. Suddenly, they have to share Mommy and Daddy with someone else: someone more needy and more demanding than they are. The family is in flux and ..

  • 3 Parenting styles and their effect on the social behaviour of children

    What type of parent are you? Beginning with studies in the 1960s, 3 parenting styles have emerged to help understand and explain the behavior and development of children.

    Observing the impact that parents have on child development has been a fascination for ..

  • Getting your toddler to eat during meals

    Encouraging your toddler to eat is often a power struggle. Toddlers are easily distracted and have trouble sitting still during meal time. They are just beginning to explore their world and exercise their independence in little ways. They may not have much freedom yet, but ..

  • Exposing your children to educational books

    One cannot undermine the importance of reading in a child's education. That's why educational books are important as they help increase a child's vocabulary and awaken his interest to learn more. Reading is the first step and the ba..

  • Top 7 parenting tips for good parenting: Bring out the best in you and your kids

    Even though we need a license to do many things in life — everything from driving and operating a forklift to practicing medicine and fishing — there is no license required to become a parent and this is often the trickiest of all of the above activities!