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  • Understanding silent reflux in babies

    Unfortunately, some babies suffer from acid reflux. Some babies have very visible signs of the condition, but other babies have silent reflux symptoms. Most babies that suffer from acid reflux will spit up or vomit very frequently after feedings. When this happens, the baby..

  • Best toys for your baby

    Babies learn best by doing themselves, so it’s important as a parent to provide them with the proper tools to do this. A parent can do this by buying the right toys for their child to help them develop. In this time in their life, a baby is growing faster then they ever ..

  • Why does my baby burp, spit up and hiccup?

    Infants tend to get very uncomfortable when they swallow air during feedings. Although this is more common amongst bottle-fed babies, it can occur too, while a baby is breastfed. When you notice that your baby is fussy during a feeding, you should stop for a while, to let hi..

  • Benefits of swaddling your baby

    For some parents swaddling can seem like an old fashioned practice, however the reason it’s old fashioned is because it has worked for so many years. Swaddling your baby can help them sleep bet..

  • Breast pumps- What you must know before buying

    Breast pumps can be a great benefit for nursing mothers. They can give you the freedom to return to work, ensuring your little one is well nourished, they can allow dad to take pleasure in the bonding

  • What can a parent do to prevent decay in baby teeth?

    Preventing tooth decay in baby teeth is crucial to ensure your child has a healthy smile for many years. Some parents wonder if preventing decay in baby teeth should be a major concern. If the baby teeth will be falling out eventually, is it really that important to protect..

  • The Benefits of teaching your baby sign language

    One of the most frequently asked questions I receive is “why should I teach my baby sign language when he/she is not deaf?”

    Well that is a good question. Even if your child is not deaf, there is scientific research that has been done to show the ..

  • Premature babies and their needs

    Premature babies are defined as babies who are born before their due date and have low birth weights. About 11% of all babies born are considered to be premature. Thanks to modern medicine, babies born after the 28th week and weighing at least 2lbs.3 oz. have a 95% survival..