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  • How important is children's dentistry?

    Establishing a children s dentistry plan for your children when they are young is critical. Your children s primary, first set of teeth, are extremely important for their proper development. Optimal dental ..

  • When to start potty training girls: Age versus physical and mental readiness

    So your little girl in now ready for potty training. This is an exciting and scary phase for most parents. You may feel ill equipped to teach your little girl h..

  • Develop early number sense in children

    Developing number sense in children can help them excel in Maths

    Why Maths is Important for Children?

    How do you respond when your child asks you why he needs to learn maths. Do you have a positive way to explain or is your approach negative?


  • Children toys- Purposeful play toys for children

    When contemplating children toys, knowing the purpose for the object will make an appropriate selection easier. Is the article intended to promote the child’s knowledge or spark creativity? It may be that the plaything’s purpose is to engage the emotions or to s..

  • When children just won't eat

    Pleasing children is anything but easy! Any parent can attest to that. Children seem to prefer everything that is not good for them. Food affects the way children grow, so it is important to give them a balanced diet. This does not mean every meal has to be balanced, just t..

  • Disrespectful children-Effective solutions

    In this article about disrespectful children, we'll go over the reasons why some children are disrespectful with their parents and siblings and I'll give you ways to end this disrespect.

    At the bottom of this article, we'll see what to do when disrespect..

  • Can children be spoilt with too much love?

    From the moment babies are born, parents often receive warnings from well-intended friends and family members not to carry their babies too often, and not to give in to their crying. From the moment they are born, parents are warned to start training their babies to be &quo..

  • 10 tips to help you raise a reader

    If you’re keen for your child to do well at school, making sure they become a capable and confident reader is one of the most important things you can do for him.

    It’s also one of the easiest and most enjoyable things you can do and, you’ll be ..

  • So you have a picky eater!

    If you have a picky eater, mealtime can make you feel like you want to pull your hair out. It is very frustrating for parents to watch their child only fiddle with their food at dinner or not even touch it, claiming they "don't like it." Then what happens? Th..

  • Books for early vocabulary success in children

    Books for children should be selected wisely. It is often said-"Books are our best friends". The true value of books must be taught to children at an early age so that it develops into a habit later. Books for ch..