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A complete guide to pregnancy diet

By Lingtong February 07, 2012

Pregnancy diet should be the topmost priority for a pregnant woman. It's what you eat that makes the fetus healthy. If you're malnourished, your baby cannot be healthy. Therefore, a diet rich in carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins, and water is what you need to have for a healthy pregnancy.

Your Diet During Pregnancy Should Contain...

You need energy at this time and carbs are the best source for it. You must take:
*Whole-grain bread
*Fresh fruits and vegetables

Proteins stimulate growth of cells and formation of blood. You must take:
*Pulses and legumes
*Tofu, cottage cheese

You just can't do without Iron! It prevents anemia and aids in red blood corpuscles (RBC) production. You must take:
*Iron fortified cereals and whole grain breads

For strong bones and teeth, proper functioning of nerves, and muscle contractions, calcium is a must. If you don't take adequate amount of this mineral in your pregnancy diet, your baby will suck it from your body reserves, thus, rendering you vulnerable to osteoporosis. Hence, you must take:

Vitamin A
If you want good eyesight, glowing skin and strong bones, include this vitamin in your diet. You must take:
*Dark green leafy vegetables
*Sweet potatoes

Vitamin B6 and B12
It's no use taking protein, carbs, and fats, if you're deficient in Vitamin B6. This is because this vitamin aids in proper assimilation of these nutrients. Vitamin B6 and B12 help in RBC formation and proper functioning of nervous system. You must take:
*Whole grain cereals

Vitamin C
It's important for strong teeth, gums, and bones. You must take:
*Citrus fruits
*Vitamin C fortified fruit juices

Vitamin D
This vitamin helps in the assimilation of calcium. It helps to make your bones and teeth strong. You must take:
*Exposure to adequate sunshine
*Fortified milk
*Milk products
*Whole grain breads



Folic Acid For Pregnancy

You should start taking folic acid before pregnancy and continue till the first few months of pregnancy. Folic acid prevents birth defects and neural tube defects in your baby. It aids in the production of enzymes as well as production of blood and protein. Even if you take folic acid in your pregnancy diet through natural sources, doctors advise to take it as a supplement as well. You must take:
*Dark yellow vegetables and fruits
*Green leafy vegetables

Your Pregnancy Diet Should NOT Contain...

*raw eggs or any food that contains raw eggs
*fish with high mercury content like swordfish, shark, tilefish, and king mackerel
*milk that has not be pasteurized, cheese, juices, and apple cider
*raw or undercooked fish, meat, and processed meat
*Non-edible items such as clay. Some women have a craving for such stuff. This condition is called pica. However, eating such items can be dangerous for your baby. Consult your doctor to handle these urges.

Take a good pregnancy diet and have a happy and healthy pregnancy!

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