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When to start potty training girls: Age versus physical and mental readiness

By Alena Smith May 28, 2012

So your little girl in now ready for potty training. This is an exciting and scary phase for most parents. You may feel ill equipped to teach your little girl how to correctly use the potty or the toilet. Take heart in the fact that many parents have successfully passed this stage. It should console you to know that potty training is possible, with the right potty training tips. It may be challenging but at the end of the day, your little girl will be using the toilet like a pro and diapers will be a thing of the past.

The question that most parents ask when it comes to potty training is when to start potty training. Each child is different and therefore there is no right or wrong age to start potty training girls.

There are two schools of thoughts when it comes to the right age to get your daughter potty trained. This article seeks to discuss the two schools of thought about the right time to start potty training.

Readiness by Age

Girls tend to be ready for Potty Training earlier than boys, according to professionally researched data. So to potty train a girl, you can start anywhere from eighteen months to two years. By the age of two and a half, most girls are successfully toilet trained. You can choose to go by this method and start potty training your daughter when she hits the stated age.

Consistency is the key to success with this approach. Put you daughter on a predictable routine and take them to the potty after every two hours, before bedtime and before taking a bath. As you girl settles into this routine, she will get accustomed to using the potty and soon she will be fully trained. Once you start potty training your daughter, do not stop or quite even when things go wrong. Keep at it until your daughter master this mile stone.

Physical and Mental Readiness

Some people believe that you should start potty training girls only when they are physically and mentally ready. In other words, if your girl is not physically and mentally ready, you will both be frustrated and end up giving up before she is fully toilet trained.

• Mental readiness

Each girl reaches physical readiness at their own time, regardless of age. This can be anywhere from two years to four years. At this time, your daughter is more open to learn this new skill and will follow your instructions without resistance or temper tantrums. Using this approach, wait until you girl is open to this idea before you start. If she resists, give it time and try after a few weeks. Do not force or punish your girl into compliance.

Physical Readiness

It is important for your daughter to be physically ready before you start potty training. There are some signs you can look out for to determine if your girl is ready. When she is ready, she will be able to control her bowel movements and go for long periods of time before wetting or soiling her diaper. Her bowel movements will be well formed and predictable.

At this stage, potty training will be easy and relatively quick.

These are the two common schools of thoughts when it comes to when to start potty training girls. You can choose to work with either or combine the two concepts. Whichever way you chose to take, with patience and persistence, your little girl will soon be all grown up and potty trained. Diapers will soon leave your shopping list for good.