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Building confidence in children

By Jody Finch May 29, 2012

Building Confidence Is A Gift

It never ceases to amaze me how so many adults don't look at the task of raising their children as a gift. You have the ability to affect the world for generations to come either in a positive or negative way. It isn't simply a matter of providing food, clothes and shelter for parents. One of the most significant parts of being a parent is building self confidence in your child's mind. When you build self-esteem you give your child the keys to succeed in whatever arena of life they choose to tackle.

You Are A Role Model

It is a fact that kids look up to all adults as role models. You should be aware of this no matter who you are. No adult has more long lasting effects on a child then their first role models, their parents. Even if you are an uncle, aunt, or close family friend, you need to be aware of that all of your actions and habits are being watched by those with little eyes. And will be copied in some way. I think the most important attitude that you can model for your kids is that of being positive in general about life. You will not like doing everything, but if you are positive about the tasks, they will be easier to finish and any kids you are role modeling for will have the confidence that life is something that they can handle much like you do. If you are negative and worry all the time, they will see life as something that you have to fight and that will destroy confidence and reduce self esteem.

Organization builds Self Esteem

Being organized is a life skill that you can teach to your children just by practicing it yourself. Having set times to complete homework and being consistent with the demands you make in this area can teach a child how to manage their time and tangibly feel the rewards of managing time correctly. Being organized will reduce stress for all involved, help you child succeed in school and start to make informed time management decisions.

Praise Them With Great Praise

There is no doubt that one of the best things you can do for your child is to praise them. Many experts believe that for every time you correct a child's behavior, you should praise them six times. This doesn't mean you child can do no wrong. Sometimes you need to be hard on your child to teach them honesty.

Joining A Team

You can help foster your child's self esteem by getting them involved in a sport. Sports that help develop friendship and teamwork like, basketball, baseball, soccer or football will all so this. Also you may help build your kid's self-esteem by getting him into sports. It would not hurt to try something new like football or basketball which are team sports that will foster teamwork and friendship. You can help by supporting your kid's dream. You don't have to force them to do sports, if there is no interest then you can help steer them into some other form of esteem building. Support and encourage your child and you will never do any damage to the fragile psyche of a child.

Working with them at home can help the bond between you, but don't over do it, being domineering and overbearing is only going to cause a child to resent both the activity and you.

Again not everyone excels in sports. That's why it's a good thing there are so many other activities your youngster can participate in and feel good about themselves. Music lessons, band, debate club, orienteering or Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts can provide great learning moments that build self esteem. Who knows this may be where your kid's enthusiasm exists?

Quality Time With You Builds Self Esteem and Confidence

Spending some quality one on one time with your kid is another way to lift the child's self-worth. You can take your kids on a bike ride, a nature hike, to visit a museum, or just spend an afternoon baking cookies and talking about school. It helps build confidence when kids see that, you can just have fun being together and doing stuff. You may get lost on your hike, or accidentally burn the cookies but that doesn't really matter, part of self worth is being able to take risks and analyze what the results are in the end. Things don't always go as planned but learning that you can still have a great experience anyway. The confidence your child has will grow and they will become a stronger and dare I say better person because of it.

When this has been developed, this is the time the kid should be permitted to make some selections. Parents should be supportive without reference to the result but should give words of caution and knowledge.

Conclusion on Building Self Esteem

When it is all said and done, it is important to remember that the end game of life is to be happy. If you are not happy it is almost impossible to really contribute to your life, relationships or community in any significant way. So teaching your child how to be confident in their choices and to know right from wrong is vitally important. You are a role model and you will never have a more important job than helping your children develop into contributing members of our society.

Of course, there are hazards worth taking and there are others that aren't worth it. Knowing the difference between what's wrong or right and being able to understand and weigh the effects is another critical lesson in life.
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