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Pregnancy tips, questions and information
Ask questions or offer advice to expectant mothers
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Shanti Priya
Pregnancy with health risks
If you are going through any pregnancy complications, share your experience with other mothers who are in a similar situation
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Antenatal testing and pregnancy visits
Discuss and share information relating to tests offered before and during pregnancy
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Hospital and Birthing Centres
Ask about experiences of other mothers to help decide where your baby will be born
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Birth Talks
Discuss everything to do with having a baby here and what to expect on the big day
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Caesarean Births
For women who are planning or had a caesarean birth or planning for a vaginal birth after a previous Caesarean
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Birth Stories
Whether you had a natural, Caesarean, Induced, or Premature baby. Share your birth experiences here.
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Your body after birth
Share your experience with other new mums about your recovery and health issues you faced during the 6 to 8 week recovery period after the birth of your baby
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Pregnant with twins, triplets or more
Share your experiences and tips with others who are pregnant with or parenting more than one baby
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IVF and assisted conceptions
Trying for a baby using IVF, IUI or FET? Talk about the issues surrounding assisted conceptions here.
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