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Congratulations on the birth of your baby!

The day you bring your baby home from hospital, life as you know it changes forever. Having a baby, especially your first, is perhaps one of the most exciting events of your life, but at the same time it can also feel like one of the most frightening. Your new baby will have his/her own temperament, personality and needs, and it can take a little while to get to know him/her. Rest assured, though that over time you will learn to understand his/her needs and handle him/her capably and confidently.

In the first few days, you will probably be spending a greater part of the day looking at your baby. You will notice his/her every detail right from the different expressions on his/her  face to the shape of his/her hands and feet. If you notice anything that worries you, however small, ask your doctor. Your baby will probably be examined by a paediatrician before getting discharged from the hospital.

Newborn babies appear so tiny and frail that you may start to wonder whether you will be able to care for someone so small and beautiful. We at MumsLittleOne provide you with tips and advice to help make newborn care as easy as possible for you, especially the first few weeks.Read on to find out more about what to expect in the first few days. Also refer to our sections listed below to learn all that you need to know about your newborn.

If you want to talk to other new mums to see how they are managing with their new baby, or if you want some advice about caring for your new baby, visit our baby forum where you can talk to other mums and share your experience with them!

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