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5 month old


This month you're apt to be charmed by your baby's first laugh. He recognizes familiar people and may woo them with a huge smile and greeting.You may have also found by now that your baby has begun to babble as a way of making himself heard - repeating consonant sounds like 'ba' and 'ma'. Some babies will be reaching an exciting milestone this month that makes getting around the room a distinct possibility: rolling over. Don't forget the safety implications of this: never leave your baby on a high surface or within reach of any obvious hazards. In fact, now is probably as good a time as any to start babyproofing your home.

Social and Emotional development 
  • Can tell family and strangers apart

  • Smiles at mirror image

  • Gets upset if you take a toy away

  • Signs of teething begin

  • Can see you across the room and probably react with a big smile

Language and Communication Skills
  • Babble and try to mimic sounds

  • Says “ah-goo” or similar vowel- consonant combinations

  • Will laugh when you do something funny like pull a funny face

Cognitive skills 
  • Pay attention to small objects

  • Begins to use hands in raking fashion to bring toys near

  • Begins to discover parts of his/her body

  • Able to distinguish between colours

  • Recognises name

  • Smiles at mirror image

  • Shows interest in bold colours

  • Understands the concept of putting in and taking out

 Physical development
  • Holds head up when sitting with no head lag
  • Lifts part of chest and some of tummy off the floor when lying on tummy

  • Able to grasp objects voluntarily.

  • Bears most of the weight when held in standing position.

  • Plays with toes

  • Uses all fingers but not thumb to grasp objects (palmar grasp)

  • Plays with his hands and feet

  • Rolls from stomach to back

  • When lying on back puts feet to mouth

  • Takes objects directly to mouth

  • Can grasp a toy

 Recommended activities

He can focus her eyes and attention better, so make reading a part of your daily routine.   
  • Teether toys: your baby will try to find out about a toy by putting it into his mouth. So choose toys that are lightweight, easy to grasp and safe to put in the mouth.
  • Read baby books together: he will love the sound of your voice as well as looking at the bright colours and shapes

  • Board books: your baby is also ready to look at the pictures in thick board book with you, especially if they are simple shapes in bright colours.

  • Activity centre: once your baby can grasp things in both hands an activity centre tied to the side of his cot will be fun, choose one that makes lots of different noises.

  • Play peek-a-boo

  • Provide an unbreakable mirror

Babies grow and develop at different rates. The information above is offered as a guide. There is no need to expect your baby's development to fit with all the above descriptions. If you’re at all worried about your baby's development, it is best to speak with your doctor.



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