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9 month old


Nine months is an especially delightful age. Your baby is active, playful, excited about learning, cuddly and affectionate. His gestures, expressions and babbles tell that you are the most important person in his life. He will do anything for a laugh and is quite a good mimic – he is probably starting to copy gestures like waving, clapping or coughing.

Your baby’s depth perception is developing too, which means he might start to become scared of heights. He can focus on much smaller objects and his grabbing and grasping skills are also improving. Here are some other milestones you can expect to see in your nine month old:

Social and Emotional development
  • May be shy or afraid of strangers

  • May be clingy with familiar adults

  • Has favorite toys

  • Becomes interested in grabbing the spoon during feedings

  • Drops objects and then looks for them

  • Goes from tummy to sitting by self

  • Begins to identify self in a mirror’s reflection

  • Waves bye

Language and Communication skills
  • Responds to simple commands

  • Responds to name

  • Makes a lot of different sounds like “ma-ma” and “da-da”

  • Copies sounds and gestures of others

  • Uses fingers to point at things

  • Listens intently to your conversations

  • Start to sound out consonants like p and f

Cognitive skills
  • Watches the path of something as it falls
  • Looks for things he sees you hide

  • Understands that objects continue to exist, even when they are not seen (object constancy)

  • Plays interactive games, such as peek-a-boo and pat-a-cake

  • Moves things smoothly from one hand to the other

  • Puts objects and toys into containers and then pulls them back out again

  • Compares two cubes by bringing them together.

  Physical Development
  •  Stands, holding on to furniture

  • Sits up on his own from lying down position

  • Pulls self to standing position

  • Able to crawl

  • Sits for long periods

  • May develop preference for use of one hand

  • Picks up tiny objects

  • Feeds self with fingers

  • Throws and shakes objects

  • Uses thumb and index finger to pick up objects (pincer grasp)

  • In trying to crawl progresses backwards

Developmental watch
  • Doesn’t bear weight on legs with support

  • Doesn’t sit with help

  • Doesn’t babble

  • Doesn’t respond to own name

  • Doesn’t seem to recognize familiar people

  • Doesn’t look where you point

  • Doesn’t transfer toys from one hand to another

 Recommended activities
  • Stacking toys: these help in developing his hand eye co-ordination. Choose between stacking beakers (which need sorting by the size to successfully complete), or a set of rings of different sizes that fit over a pole. He may just like to watch or to knock them  down. Over the next few months he will get more proficient at stacking and sorting.

  • Soft toys: offer him soft toys with interesting textures and shapes attached. He will use his hands and mouth to explore them, and pass them from hand to hand

  • Provide him some outdoor stimuli: like going to the zoo

  • Play ball with him

  • Build vocabulary by reading and naming people and objects in the environment

  • Teach hot and cold through play

  • Provide large toys that can be pushed to encourage walking

  • Sing songs together

  • Avoid television time until age 2 years

    Your nine month old


Babies grow and develop at different rates. The information above is offered as a guide. There is no need to expect your baby's development to fit with all the above descriptions. If you’re at all worried about your baby's development, it is best to speak with your doctor.


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