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Pregnancy shopping planner

Babies need lots of bits and pieces-and making your purchases is one of the most exciting things about being pregnant. When you start your baby shopping, you had think that babies couldn’t manage without endless frilly accessories. But all babies need is their basic needs met-to eat, be kept clean and warm, and to be loved. That needn’t cost a fortune!

Here’s our checklist of must-have buys.

Breast feeding

You will definitely need:
  • Nursing bras

  • Breast pads

  • Muslins

You may need
  • Breast pump

  • Steriliser

  • Breast milk storage bags

  • Bottles

If you have to formula feed, you will need:
  • Bottles and teats
  • Formula milk

  • Steriliser

  • Muslins

  • Bibs

  • Support pillow

  • Long handled brush for cleaning bottles before sterilising

  • Bouncer or swing

  • Play mat or gym

  • First rattle and soft toys

Bathing and changing
  • Nappies, sacks and wipes

  • Baby bath

  • Baby toiletries i.e. baby soap

  • Towels and a flannel or cloth

  • Changing mat

  • Baby nail scissors

  • Baby hair brush

  • Top and tail bowl for initial few weeks

  • Bath support made of foam or fabric

Baby clothes

Newborn –size clothes are worn for such a short time, that there is no use buying them in bulk. This is a good checklist to get your baby dresses:
  • Six vests

  • Eight to ten change of clothes

  • Six stretch suits if it’s winters

  • Two hats

  • Two cardigans if it’s winter

  • Two pair of mittens if it’s winter

  • A shawl or blanket to wrap the baby in when travelling

  • An all-in-one coat for going out in cold weather

If you are a second-timer, you may still have everything you need from last time. But under those clothes there’s one more thing you will need-nappies


If you have a got a car, you will need a car seat. The two sort of seat that is suitable for a new baby are an “infant carrier “or a “two way” seat. An infant carrier is a rear-facing car seat which will hold your baby securely in the first few months; it’s light and easy to carry around. A two –way seat is fitted in the car. It is also rear-facing until your baby weighs around 9 kgs, then should be converted to forward facing.

Before you choose a pushchair or pram, think about your lifestyle.  Many mums and dads enjoy carrying their new baby around in a sling or carrier-a lovely way to keep your baby close while leaving your hands free to get on with other things.


Cribs or moses baskets are used for initial few months after the baby is born. You will also need bedclothes. Go for sheets and blankets which can easily be added to or taken away according to temperature changes. Also, pillows, duvets, quilts or fleeces are not recommended for babies under one year old.



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